Columbia California July 4, 2012, Historic State Park

I received this special personal award from the most decorated Vietnam Veteran in the region. I drove up to the mountains to march in the Fourth of July Parade. I marched directly behind the walking veterans, just behind the rolling veterans, with a group of friends playing Autoharp and singing. We sang ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home” the entire parade route. At the end of the parade we continued marching through the stores and saloons in the town. Later we played music for the Virginia Reel Dance in the street.

I walked into one of the bars following friends. Almost immediately I was approached by a man who said very quickly, “I’ve seen you today and I watched you give of your self above and beyond duty. I want you to have this.” And he was gone. Vanished with me standing there with my hand out holding this large enameled coin.

I immediately was approached by about 4 people who said, “Do you know what you have there? That is very special. Not very many of those are given out. You are very fortunate” The reason he vanished the group told me is that he does not want to talk about his experiences in Viet Nam. He’s a very private person. I felt exceptionally honored by this award.